Jan 1, 2017 Windows XP setup won't recognize USB flash drives, so you need to below, it clearly states that the SATA RAID driver is for use on floppy drives. You should see a message that says “Press any key to boot from CD….If you change the SATA mode from AHCI to IDE, Win 7 won't boot. You can add the SATA driver to XP setup and keep the AHCI mode. This will avoid re-installing Windows 7. There is also one more thing.Install XP on sata drive. space to store the contents of the installation CD.'' you may can use a usb pendrive if its recognized and get boot from cd to install XP on new SATA drive.1. Patching XP with the SATA drivers. Try to boot. 2. If that doesn't work, install XP from an XP kit slipstreamed with the SATA drivers. 3. Apply the USB fix and run the XP off an USB connection.Install Windows XP from an ISO on a USB drive onto a SATA hard disk without nLite (using Easy2Boot).Independently whether your system is running in IDE or AHCI mode you have to integrate the appropriate drivers into your XP installation because AHCI is not supported by a plain XP setup and if the IDE/SATA controller is newer than Windows XP the required drivers are also missing. A very easy way for modifying an XP setup is using nLite. It allows you to integrate the drivers so that they are automatically loaded when XP setup is started.

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Full windows XP install to USB drive. 4. Boot to full XP! to your Windows XP Install ISO file (if you have a ISO which has nLited Mass Storage Drivers added, .03 - How to install Windows XP from a bootable USB drive Note: XP does not contain AHCI or some SCSI/SATA drivers - either you must set your BIOS menu .Download the SATA drivers you need, then get the sys file of the driver and put it in the Windows/System32/Drivers folder, then get the inf file of the driver and put it in the Windows/inf folder. You could use drivermax to locate the Sata drivers you need. Also it has an archive function that extracts drivers from systems. www.drivermax.com.Format/partition/modify USB stick to be recognised as a USB floppy drive for Win XP setup RAID/SATA drivers 2 Installing Windows XP Pro on a Raid 1 array without the driver floppy.What I need is a Bootable USB drive (aka "Thumb Drive"), with the SATA drivers that load, so I can access both the Hard Drive, so I can format it, and the Install Disk, from which I install Windows. When the system boots.Hope this helps to setup Windows XP in your desktops or laptops which do not have CD or DVD drive. You can just do it from a USB drive. You can also go through a longer but more reliable way to prepare bootable USB stick and setup Windows XP from the removable drive – Alternative Way to Install Windows XP from USB Drive(recommended).

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Yet, in order to prepare the bootable USB, you need a computer with a CD/DVD drive support and Windows XP installation disk. When you insert the WIndows XP bootable installation disk into the CD/DVD ROM and restart your computer, you find a screen along with the following message: “Press any key to boot from CD…”.This guide explains how to boot from a USB flash drive and what configurations you need to have. the USB flash drive is bootable; the USB flash drive is prioritized in the Boot devices 1st Drive [SATA] 2nd Drive [USB:Flash Drive] the flash drive only on the USB 2.0 port; Make sure you installed all necessary drivers .Installing XP from a thumb drive includes three main phases: I. Setting up I. Preparing a Bootable Flash Drive Materials: -AHCI/SATA driver, which is usually found under the Windows Vista/7 driver list if not XP's. Before.To install Windows XP to a USB flash drive, however, you must prepare the drive for installation. You cannot simply insert the drive into your computer and begin installing to it Windows XP. Instead, you must make a copy of Windows XP and use special software to install that copy your USB drive.As BIOS can't boot it directly because it doesn't see SATA disk so I would like to have a helper bootloader which boots from USB and then chain loads windows from SATA drive. HP will not help as the PC is out of warranty and the bug in BIOS won't be fixed.One could boot off a boot disk then run the setup off the hard drive, or make the not want RAID or want to use RAID, but you push F6 there, to install your SATA driver. Win XP installation package doesn't have USB drivers.