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How to download and install the latest Drivers for HTC Android device included on HTC Sync Manager Application: Download the HTC sync to your PC. Run the downloaded executable file to install it on your computer and follow all the wizard steps. (Make sure that your Antivirus allows this file installation).I have an HTC One V device, I am running some commands via ADB and using the drive mode to access from pc. I know that HTC Sync installs the drivers, and it works completely fine. However I would like to install just the drivers without HTC sync application itself.

  • HTC Sync Manager is a free application for your computer that makes it easy to sync all of your media to and from your computer with your HTC phone. You can also sync all of your contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and documents.Dec 31, 2013 This is the HTC Sync Manager which is a free software program for your computer HTC Sync Manager / USB Driver, 7.0 out of 10 based on 68 ratings [Solved] 'No device drivers were found' when installing Windows.

  • The driver should be a usb driver from HTC, so if you notice it is using a windows usb driver or another driver not from HTC then unistall the driver and device and restart the PC. Make sure you have the most current HTC Sync Manager installed.This should then let you choose "Android ADB Interface" as the driver for your non Google phone. Here's how you can do it without HTC Sync bloatware.

  • In the days of my HTC desire, I can tell you that once you installed HTC sync, you then got two uninstall options: 1. Uninstall HTC Syc 2. Uninstall HTC drivers. So you could trash the syc software and still keep the drivers. hopefully, this is still true for the current version. Might be worth a shot in any event.Latest HTC Drivers Latest HTC Drivers extracted from HTC Sync v3.3.21 and HTC Sync Manager v2.0.61.0 Latest Driver Version (HTC Sync): Latest Driver Version (HTC Sync Manager): BMP Drivers are the same for both sets of drivers.

  • Important update: As of August 31, 2016, HTC Sync will no longer be supported. After this date, no additional patches or updates will be made available and .The HTC One My USB drivers allow your device to communicate with any of your computers. Tasks such as transferring images, music, videos and more become easier once the computer has the necessary HTC One M7 USB driver installed. Things to Consider. The HTC ONE M7 USB Driver are from the HTC Sync Software. They are official.

  • HTC Sync Manager BY DOWNLOADING, INSTALLING, OR USING THE SOFTWARE, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (THE “AGREEMENT”). IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT INSTALL, COPY OR USE THE SOFTWARE.Note: HTC Sync Manager will no longer be supported in HTC Desire 12, HTC Desire 12‍+, HTC U12‍+, and later phone models. For ways to back up or transfer .

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By installing the HTC Aria USB Driver, you don't need to install the HTC Sync App on your computer. Driver officially provided by HTC. Driver officially provided by HTC. Compatible: HTC USB Driver is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows.HTC doesn’t distribute drivers separately, so you’ll have to install the HTC Sync. And if you are looking forward to try things like S-Off, Root, Custom ROMs and themes.

No problems. I have tried uninstalling sync manager, reinstall. Rebooting many times. I have tried running a driver cleanup of all devices and .Download HTC Sync Manager. IN NO EVENT WILL HTC OR ITS AFFILIATES OR SUPPLIERS BE LIABLE FOR, AND YOU CANNOT RECOVER, ANY .

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Sep 29, 2015 Installing HTC Sync Manager also installs the necessary drivers to be able After successfully connecting with the ORIGINAL HTC cable.Install HTC Drivers Without HTC Sync. Friday, Jan 08 2016 10:28AM How To, HTC Comments Off on Install HTC Drivers Without HTC Sync 220 Views.

HTC USB Drivers allows you to connect your HTC Smartphone and Tablets to the computer without the need of any software. It also allows you to Flash HTC Stock Firmware on your HTC Device using the original drivers.HTC Drivers without Sync Manager. Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite. Is there a way to get the driver software without the full software package, i do not want all this corporate garbage on my pc that i never use anyways? Also without installing this software on my android device.