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Beschreibung. Altimaster N3 von Alti-2 ist ein digitaler Höhenmesser und Höhenwarner, er besteht aus einem Aluminiumbody mit verstärktem Glas sowie hintergrundbeleuchteten Display und ist wasserdicht.Alti-2 range of analog and digital altimeters for sport and military freefall parachuting.

  1. Aug 22, 2012 52.223-18, Contractor Policy to Ban Text Messaging While Driving; CLIN 0002, Description: Altimaster N3 Altimeter, Qty: 100, Unit of Issue: .The Altimaster Atlas altimeter from Alti-2, an electronic altimeter with graphic display, including both freefall and canopy alarms and logbook.

  2. Alti-2 range of analog and digital altimeters for sport and military freefall parachuting.Links to downloads to support Alti-2 Altimaster Products.

  3. The N3 from Alti-2 is an electronic altimeter with a digital display which can be used as either an audible or visual instrument. The N3 is the successor to Neptune/Neptune 2 and has a number of great features.USB Universal Serial Bus - Alti-2 Inc. - Computer Drivers,Altimaster N3,Altimaster N3A - Update your computer's drivers using DriverMax, the free driver update.

The N3's freefall alarms sound loudly at the altitudes you program and the canopy alarms are a series of approach alarms leading up to the altitude that you program. Freefall alarms are programmable in 100 ft. increments, and canopy alarms in 10 ft. increments.You can also have your N3 updated by us here at the factory, or in the field, by one of our knowledgeable Altimaster Field Support members. Case. Anodized .

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Hi All, I have a USB device, an ALti-2 N3 altimeter, used for skydiving and I cannot get the driver to work on the Insider builds. I am told by both the hardware and software people associated with the altimeter that there are no issues with the driver on the standard Windows 10 builds.The Altimaster Atlas Free Fall Computer has all the proven functionality of N3, but further features reduced edges and corners, along with a ruggedized .